Ways to “burn money” of super-rich A-list stars: Build a villa for dogs, buy a private island

A-list stars make the public shocked by the way they spend money.
Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton – the “notorious” Hollywood playboy lady, in addition to liking parties, branded goods and beauty, also has another hobby: keeping pets. The beauty once ordered a villa specifically for her dogs, consisting of 2 floors and equipped with heating, air conditioning, glass lamps, and furniture created by designers… It is known that people The heir of the Hilton group spent about 325,000 USD on luxurious amenities so that his dog could live in the most comfortable conditions.

As a teenager, Paris Hilton entered the entertainment industry in many roles such as model, singer, actress and television star. She was one of the most notable stars in Hollywood in the 2000s, famous for her scandals and indulgent lifestyle. In recent years, she worked as an electronic music DJ and sold cosmetics and perfumes.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion is famous as the world’s top diva. She is extremely concerned about her voice as well as her appearance. According to Business Insider, the Canadian singer spent $2 million to install a private humidifier during his stay in Las Vegas to perform his show. The device has helped the legendary female star keep her voice and maintain vibrant skin amid the dry weather here.

In recent years, Celine has been recognized as a new fashion icon. The bold transformation of fashion style and confidence in her appearance at a not so young age help bring new appeal to Celine Dion before the media and the public.

Currently, Celine Dion often encounters persistent problems surrounding the muscular system. The female singer often has muscle pain that affects her daily life and performance activities.

After her husband passed away in 2006, the diva spent a lot of time with her three children. “I see René’s image in their eyes. That makes me happy,” she said on Today channel. Celine Dion shares that she has found the strength to keep going: “I am in love. When I see the rainbow, watch the sunset, have a beautiful dance, when I laugh, when I cry, I are in love. I go on stage every night because I love singing.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie once boldly spent $1.6 million to buy a helicopter and a flight course for Brad Pitt, even though it wasn’t a special occasion. A source at the time revealed: “They installed a helicopter landing pad on the Chateau Miraval estate in the south of France so Angelina thought it would be great to buy Brad a helicopter as a surprise gift.”

Angelina Jolie’s beauty is a mixture of German, Czech, Dutch, Indian and American blood. She is known as one of the beauties with attractive classic beauty, from big round eyes, passionate gaze to the most beautiful smile in Hollywood.

The beauty is very successful in both action roles and strong psychological roles. Jolie became a movie superstar and a beauty symbolizing the beauty of Hollywood.

In addition, she is also a cool businessman. Previously, she owned a French vineyard and wine castle with her ex-husband Brad Pitt, before selling the shares when the two broke up. Recently, the beauty said she is moving into the fashion industry with her big brand.

Kanye West

As a rapper with a billion-dollar fortune, Kanye West is famous for his uncomfortably extravagant spending habits. The male singer once boldly spent $750,000 to equip 4 gold-plated toilets when moving into the villa he lived in with Kim Kardashian until filing for divorce. This philanthropic star constantly surprises people with LV branded trash cans, bathtubs… 25,000 USD, diamond-encrusted skulls worth 34,000 USD or spending 182,000 USD/year just for a haircut… In addition, his ex-wife and Kardashian – Jenner family members are also famous for their lavish lifestyle, spending money without hesitation.

In 2020, Kanye West was announced to become a USD billionaire. At that time, Forbes reported that he got rich quickly, reaching 1.3 billion USD thanks to music profits, owning 100% shares of the Yeezy shoe brand and many other business activities.

By 2021, the rapper’s assets will reach 6.6 billion USD, an increase of about 6 times compared to before. This number helps him surpass Jay-Z to become the richest star in Hip hop.

Elton John

British music legend Elton John has a special love for flowers. It is known that the veteran male singer paid nearly 500,000 USD in just less than 2 years to flower shops. According to the Oscar-winning star, he absolutely loves flowers and is not afraid to spend billions to see them regularly.

Elton John is famous for many songs that are deeply ingrained in the subconscious of music lovers around the world such as Tiny Dancer, Rocket Man or Candle in the Wind. The singer has sold more than 300 million music records around the world – a record high number, and has won many large and small awards, as well as raised millions of pounds in the fight against HIV/AIDS worldwide. Global.

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