Top 5 most interesting entertainment activities in America you should not miss

America has always been a promised land that many people dream of reaching throughout their lives. Nowadays, traveling to America is no longer impossible for many people when a series of travel services have been established, providing professional tours from A to Z. In addition, you can also go on your own. Experience the most unique entertainment activities when coming to America.

When traveling to America, each season of the year has its own unique characteristics that attract tourists from all over the world. When you come to America during each specific season of the year, you will have the opportunity to experience many interesting activities in this magnificent country of flowers. Let’s join Vietravel in checking out the top 5 outstanding activities that you must definitely try when you come here.


The city of Aspen is located in Colorado County, known as the most beautiful ski area in the United States. If you have the opportunity to come to America in the winter, you can participate in skiing and admire the vast, majestic scenery of the mountains and forests. Besides, this area is built with resorts and many entertainment and camping activities in winter that you should not miss. Here, you can choose from many types of terrain, from challenges for professional players to long slides and modern facilities suitable for beginners. There’s nothing better than being able to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate after skiing and the white snow-covered mountain slopes blanketing the sky.


New York is one of the three largest economic centers in the United States along with Los Angeles and Chicago. This city always impresses and attracts tourists with its bustle and luxury. You should once try to experience Christmas in New York. Here, you will be delighted with millions of sparkling lights, giant decorated pine trees and a series of promotions when shopping and having fun. Besides, there are also community concerts, an indispensable part of this holiday. Christmas is definitely a great time to help you experience the unique culture and beliefs here.


If you are a die-hard fan of Hollywood’s most famous movies, Universal Studios Hollywood is definitely a place not to be missed. You will visit movie studios and amusement parks with movie themes. This is the most famous park in the world located in the heart of the film capital, in the city of Los Angeles. It has many entertainment areas to suit different interests. If you like adventure, visitors can go to the attractive 3D screening room with Terminator, or immerse yourself in cool water in water world games to explore heart-stopping adventures.


The Disney Land amusement park is located on the grounds of Disneyland Resort and carries the typical animated images of Walt Disney. The space here is vast with magnificent castles, attractive games and impressive scenery. Whether adults or children, Disney Land is always a destination with great appeal. This park has captivated the world by successfully recreating childhood cartoon characters such as Peter Pan, little Alice lost in Wonderland or mischievous Mickey Mouse. Disney Land is full of memories, emotions, interesting games and unique cuisine, worthy of being a place not to be missed when coming to America.


Niagara Falls is the largest waterfall in North America in both width and volume, a destination that attracts a large number of tourists when traveling to the United States. According to many people, getting close to Niagara Falls when traveling on the Hornblower Niagara cruise is the most wonderful thing. When you come here, you will witness firsthand the rushing water and the majestic scenery of vast, seemingly endless waterfalls. In each season, each different time of the day, Niagara Falls has its own unique beauty. On beautiful, sunny days with little mist, Niagara Falls has a beautiful emerald green color. At night, the waterfall reflects the starry sky and magical lights. This is also the reason why the experience of watching the falls from a cruise ship is so popular with tourists.

Above are the top 5 most interesting entertainment activities that you should not miss when traveling to America. This land still has countless interesting things waiting for you to explore. Please plan carefully for yourself if you want to come to America for the most memorable and complete experience!