The Factors Behind Jungkook (BTS) Success with “Seven”

Jungkook’s success with the MV “Seven” in BTS was something that the media and fans had predicted, but what are the reasons that truly made his solo song dominate?

Recently, Jungkook from BTS officially became the K-pop artist with the biggest debut on the global Spotify chart with his first solo project, “Seven.” With 15,995,378 streams, Jungkook’s solo surpassed BTS’s own song “Butter” (11,042,335 streams), becoming the K-pop song with the biggest debut on the global Spotify chart.

Prior to that, “Seven” held the number one position on the iTunes chart in 106 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and France.

As of July 18th, the “Seven” MV has garnered nearly 70 million views on YouTube. What factors contributed to the success of this idol?

Jungkook’s Personal Appeal

Jungkook is a member of the globally famous boy band BTS. Additionally, he has personally amassed a huge following due to his multiple talents. He is a heartthrob with a large fan base.

Furthermore, he has the backing of his management agency, one of the major entertainment companies in South Korea.

Because of these factors, it was not difficult for Jungkook to capture attention when he announced the release of his first solo project.

Timing of the Release

Jungkook released his solo project in the middle of July, a period with relatively fewer competing K-pop music releases. If there were any, they were mostly from artists who were not as popular.

Therefore, the media and audience focused more on Jungkook’s “Seven.”

Additionally, after the members announced their respective military service enlistments, with Jungkook potentially enlisting by the end of 2023, fans were even more eager and anticipating his solo project before the two-year hiatus.

Appeal of the Melody

Jungkook previously revealed before the release of the “Seven” MV that it would be an upbeat song, suitable for the summer season.

Upon its release, the song delivered positive energy, with easily understandable lyrics and a lively melody that sparked excitement among listeners.

Moreover, in the MV, the idol surprised fans by showcasing his versatility and portraying an adorable and lovestruck boy with natural and flexible acting, leading to viral discussions across various music forums.

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