The end of the American entertainment industry

The entertainment world no longer has a place in daily life in this disaster-stricken country. It can be said that in these hours of chaos, the American music industry fell into a state of clinical death.

Most prominent is the postponement of the Latin Grammy Awards. The organizer of this event said they were forced to sacrifice preparations that cost millions of dollars: “Who wants to gather in public places in this situation? Furthermore, postponing the concert shows respect for the deceased victims, their families and relatives.”

Many artists involved in this ceremony breathed a sigh of relief when they heard the news that the show was postponed. Andres Recio, personal manager of nominated singer Juanes, said: “We don’t have the heart to think about music anymore. The only thing worth worrying about is whether our family will fall into tragedy, what will happen to our lives in the future?

The world of cinema also suffered the same fate as music. Two major studios of the Hollywood giant have closed and asked employees to disperse. The Avenue of Fame is sparsely populated, in stark contrast to the usual image of this area, always bustling like a festival.

American television was also not interested in other programs, devoting all its time to this shocking event. Currently, there are still no complete statistics on losses in the first disaster of the 21st century in the United States.