SUGA (BTS) Feels at Ease in the Background, Preferring Not to Seek the Center of Attention. SUGA Shares

BTS member Suga has expressed his approach to group activities, stating, “Not everyone is a natural genius like Jungkook, but I am satisfied with my role.”

On the third day, in the “Soochuta” episode released through BTS’s official channel, Joo Se-ho appeared as a guest and showed off his wit.

Joo Se-ho said, “Isn’t ‘Soochuta’ a program to have a drink? So, I exercised intensively for an hour and sweated it out in the sauna,” showing his enthusiasm.

Having lost 30kg in the past through a diet, he shared, “I decided to start a diet at the age of 39. Meeting people was great, but I suddenly realized that I hadn’t taken care of myself enough. So, in the year I turned forty, I decided to learn the three things that I struggled with the most: dieting, becoming a morning person, and reading. Those three things were my goals.”

He continued, “The position I see for myself is being the one who applauds when someone else does well. From the moment I realized that, instead of feeling jealous when my colleagues do well, I genuinely applauded them. I didn’t become more ambitious, but I did what I could, and I’m grateful that many people have liked it.”

Suga also empathized with this mindset. He said, “My mindset towards the team is the same. I have no desire to be the center for a long time in the team. I think the members are better than me, so I just adjust to them. It’s easier to watch from behind.”

Furthermore, he honestly added, “People just need to know how much I love this job. If the members do better, I give them more opportunities. Not everyone can be Yoo Jae-suk. Not everyone is a natural genius like Jungkook,” he said sincerely.

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