Discussing dog breeding in America

Dog ownership in the US is quite popular, if not the country with one of the highest rates of dog-owning households in the world.

Older American households without children often keep dogs as companions to reduce the feeling of loneliness. But in the case of my cousin’s family – Mr. Quoc – in Sacramento, the capital of California, they raised dogs for their children. Children in America are well cared for and are educated to love animals and protect nature and the environment. From there, they like to raise dogs, so dogs become an even closer friend to them.

For my grandchildren, their father bought them two dogs, Pomeranian breeds. One of the two is yellow, alert and friendly, even a little mischievous. I asked, “Are pet dogs expensive to buy here?” then he said: “It depends on the situation.” My brother bought the golden retriever online for only 170USD instead of buying it at the market or at a shop for 400-500USD. He said, after matching online, he ran to the seller’s house, an hour away by car. I thought I could take the dog home but…

no, you have to go through some “test” questions about “customers”. “Americans are civilized and love animals, especially family pets. He asked me if I had a house to live in? Rented house or bought one yourself? Having passed this question, he asked again: Do you have children in the family? Fortunately, he and his wife have three beautiful daughters who all love animals. Because the seller had to move house and had to bring the dog with them, they wanted to sell it to people who could afford to keep it and knew how to love animals.

He jokingly added: “In America, in many cases, dogs are taken care of better than men.” Therefore, one should not be foolish enough to beat a pet dog, especially in front of others or so that neighbors can hear the dog crying. Mr. Quoc’s brother, named Huong, has owned a dog for more than 10 years. One day, the old dog lay on the porch motionless, for some reason his mouth and mouth were bleeding. The neighbors saw and immediately called 911 and that same day my cousin was called to the police for a detailed explanation. Although Mr. Huong was “escaped” of punishment, he could not escape responsibility. The local animal protection agency immediately took the old dog into care and Mr. Huong had to pay several hundred dollars for medicine.

Learning more through a few people in New York, I learned that dog thieves in this city, if caught for the first time, will have to pay a fine of $1,000. In Philadelphia, if anyone’s dog roams outside in cold weather below -6 degrees Celsius, they will be fined $500. It is true that many American households keep dogs as pets or pets, but American law requires owners to be responsible for their family pets, not to treat them however they want.

According to statistics from 2012 of the American Pet Products Association (APPA), 46% of households in the United States own dogs, with nearly 80 million dogs. It is estimated that families spend from 1,000-1,200 USD/year/dog, of which the biggest costs are food, routine care (bathing, hair trimming…), and care. medical… More broadly speaking, the United States has a whole family pet industry with many diverse services, serving every tooth, with a total market value of up to several tens of billions of dollars, including pets. Burial and graveside services at the dog cemetery.

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