Pierce Brosnan and James Bond in the Netflix comedy film “The Out-Laws”

Pierce Brosnan has revealed that James Bond’s joke in “The Out-Laws” was improvised.

After the film’s release on Netflix, fans were delighted with Brosnan’s meta joke about his role as 007. In a scene featuring Adam DeVine and Ellen Barkin, DeVine’s character recreates the iconic Bond pose while holding a gun and asks if he looks cool.

Well, you look like James Bond,” Barkin’s character responds, clarifying that she is referring to Brosnan’s version from 1994 to 2004.

Oh, that’s a good thing,” Brosnan’s character says.

Speaking to the Boston Herald about the joke, the actor explained that the sarcastic line was not in the script and was something he came up with while filming.

That was entirely my idea. It wasn’t in the script,” he said.

There was a scene with a gun in the mouth, but it wasn’t in the script for Adam to do the James Bond pose. When he did that, the dialogue disappeared—and as soon as I said that, I knew it would be in the film. It was just a great moment.

The Out-Laws” tells the story of the humble bank manager Owen (DeVine), who meets his fiancée Parker’s (Nina Dobrev) parents, Billy and Lilly McDermott (Brosnan and Barkin), before their wedding.

However, he is shocked to discover that his soon-to-be wife’s parents are actually notorious bank robbers when their bank becomes the target of this couple a few days after their first encounter.

In a two-star review of the film, Digital Spy praised the work of the all-star cast but noted that the final film’s script fell short, writing: “The best moments of the film come when it trusts its stars to bring the charm and comedic timing.

However, any shining moments ultimately get buried under an unoriginal setting, weak dialogue, two-dimensional characters, and a painful waste of talent.

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