Namjoon (BTS) Conversation on Colde’s Blue Room

Kim Namjoon, also known as RM, and his real-life friend Colde, or Kim Hee Soo, sat down for a conversation following the release of their collaborative song “Don’t Ever Say You Love Me.”

BTS leader RM is a profound musician who has showcased his skills for many years. After establishing a strong foundation for their business relationship turned friendship, the renowned rapper began a collaborative song with his long-time friend, Korean singer-songwriter Kim Hee Soo, known by the stage name Colde. Signing with the management company Wavy, Colde is said to have been friends with the BTS member since 2016.

The Friendship between RM and Colde

The two collaborated for the first time on a song for RM’s official debut solo album, “Indigo.” Prior to that, Colde had featured in a track titled “Hectic” from the album released in December 2022. Although they had been friends for a long time, they only had one more collaborative song with the release of Colde’s EP “Love Part 2” in May of this year. In a new interview for singer Rain Song’s YouTube series called “blue room,” the two friends appeared in outfits reminiscent of their music video for the collaboration “Don’t Ever Say You Love Me.” After some playful banter, self-introductions, and discussing the theme of “the only hatred,” they revealed the process of creating the song.

When RM was asked about his feelings towards love, the BTS member’s deep thoughts on how love exists and how we exist, and his memorable illustration of the similarities between “Live” and “Love,” once again brought Colde into their lengthy conversation.

RM’s Future Music Plans

As they concluded the conversation about seeking deep connections between them, Colde inquired about RM’s recent activities, and the BTS member revealed how he managed to produce more music. When asked about when new songs will be revealed, RM expressed that there’s no possibility of any of them being released soon, but he hopes that the viewers will anticipate them. He also mentioned that he has been working with many new musicians.

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