LCK awaits Faker’s return to League of Legends

Prior to their match against DRX in the LCK League of Legends on July 5th, T1 surprised fans by announcing that their mid-lane phenom, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, needed time off to heal an arm injury. Evidence quickly emerged that Faker’s injury had negatively affected his performance. As a result, his live stream was abruptly halted. To fill his sizable shoes, T1 opted to deploy their academy mid-laner, Yoon “Poby” Seong-won, as a replacement.

As the fifth week of the LCK League of Legends Summer 2023 season is underway, T1’s head coach, Bengi, shared the earliest possible return date for Faker after his break.

Will Faker play against Gen.G in the LCK League of Legends 2023 Summer Tournament?

In the LCK League of Legends Summer 2023 Tournament, specifically on July 7th, DRX swept T1 with a score of 2-0, resulting in a heavy defeat. This loss was further compounded by Faker’s inability to participate due to his right arm injury. Following the match, the media had an opportunity to interview head coach Bae “Bengi” Seong-woong and supporter Ryu “Keria” Min-seok.

During the post-match press conference, he mentioned that they had discussed his condition after the match with Nongshim. It appears that his wrist is in need of rest. When asked about Faker’s return to competitive play in League of Legends, he said,

“Faker will not compete for at least two weeks, and we will see how things progress from there.”

Faker’s absence will cause him to miss T1’s upcoming matches against Gen.G Esports on July 8th, Nongshim RedForce on July 14th, and Dplus KIA on July 16th. His return date for the series against Hanwha Life Esports on July 21st will depend on his recovery process.

On a positive note, T1 issued an official statement regarding this situation, stating that the results of Faker’s arm scan at a hospital showed “no significant abnormalities.”

While Faker is absent, Bengi did not address whether Poby will continue to play for T1 or not. He mentioned that the lack of time hindered the team’s preparation for the DRX match, which included the 17-year-old substitute mid-laner.

After the DRX match, it is evident that Faker is the most crucial component of this T1 team, as the remaining players appeared lost throughout the series. Therefore, when asked about the number of wins Bengi believes they can accumulate before Faker’s return, he stated:

“In terms of head-to-head matches, I want at least two wins. Today we lost, and it will be challenging against the others, but the team’s goal is to win as many matches as possible.”

With a score of 6-3, T1 currently sits in third place in the standings of the LCK League of Legends 2023 Summer season. However, the main concern is Faker’s absence potentially impacting the team’s performance in the remaining weeks of the season. Nevertheless, it is highly likely that T1 will secure a spot in the playoffs.

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