Jodie Foster: An incredible star

“Beautiful and famous” – hundreds of actresses could fit this description. “Smart and talented” – dozens of people are recognized like that. But “intellectual and brave” are adjectives reserved for only a rare number of artists. Jodie Foster is a typical example of them.

At 3 years old, Alicia Christian Foster made money advertising sunscreen and baby shower gel. At the age of 10, he was already the idol of young audiences through his children’s roles on television.

At the age of 14, little girl Jodie Foster touched millions of hearts with her role as a teenage prostitute in Taxi Driver (legendary director Martin Scorsese) – a work that won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1976 and immediately which became a classic film of world cinema.

At the age of 29, she became the first actor to win two Oscars under the age of 30. And until now, after nearly 100 years of history of the most famous film award on the planet, Jodie Foster is still the only person to do so. there.

During the most golden period of her career (the 1990s and the first half of the 2000s), Jodie was considered the most powerful woman in Hollywood, although her media coverage could not compare to that of Julia Roberts or Nicole. Kidman.

Not only is she a talented actress, Jodie also takes the initiative in many aspects of the film industry. She is a director, producer, performer of songs in movies, even a screenwriter and cameraman… In every position, Jodie has received positive reviews.

“An extraordinary woman with an extraordinary career and an extraordinary life” (The French film magazine Premiere wrote about Jodie more than 20 years ago). We understand that it is not flattery at all. Get the press coverage it deserves for Jodie.

An extraordinary woman

In 1980, graduating from high school as valedictorian of Lycée Francais in Los Angeles (a famous French high school), when a bright future in the film capital awaited, Jodie did not hesitate to limit her acting. to study at prestigious Yale University.

Five years later, with a bachelor of arts degree, Jodie returned to Hollywood. Many people worried that young Alicia would not be able to escape the influence of the huge halo as a child, but Jodie reassured her fans and quickly established a name for herself as an actress. great actor”.

Jodie Foster is known as “the most intellectual beauty in Hollywood”. Not many actors are rated so highly in this factor. The generation after Jodie includes Edward Norton – a graduate of History at Yale University, Jennifer Connelly – who studied Literature at Yale University and Drama at Stanford University and Natalie Portman – a bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Harvard University.

Jodie Foster has been able to read since she was 3 years old. Jodie is an honorary member of Mensa, a community for people with the highest IQs in the world. In addition, she can fluently speak 5 languages ​​including: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Jodie used to speak French in the films Moi, fleur bleue (1977) by French-Vietnamese director Eríc Le Hung, The blood of others (1984) French version by Claude Chabrol and Un long dimanche de Fiancailles (2004) by Jean -Pierre Jeunet.

In 1976, when attending the Cannes Film Festival at the age of 14 with the masterpiece Taxi Driver, Jodie Foster surprised many reporters and audiences by giving an interview fluently in French. In 2011, this actor made the French love him even more when he demonstrated this language as president of the jury of the César Award – considered the Oscar of French cinema. And the French people are also familiar with Jodie’s voice many other times when she brought her films to the Cannes Film Festival or when she was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2021 by this prestigious film festival.

In 2011, during the promotion campaign for the movie The Beaver directed by Jodie within the framework of the Cannes Film Festival, she gave an interview in Italian and impressed with her beautiful voice.

Many audiences love and praise her voice through her roles and TV talk shows. People compliment her on speaking a foreign language like a “native”, “listening to Jodie is like enjoying a good old wine”, “If I met a wish-granting genie, the first thing I would wish for is to be able to speak French like Jodie Foster.” “…

An incredible career

Jodie Foster is 61 years old this year but has… 58 years working on set.

After the 1970s, she thrived on the small screen and then the big screen through children’s roles. In the 1980s, she emerged as a promising star, and in the 1990s and 2000s, she became a top female star, Jodie Foster said. You’ve acted in more movies from the 2010s onwards. And this year, she made a successful comeback with a supporting role in the highly rated sports biopic Nyad. The role promises to bring Jodie more nominations in the upcoming awards season.

On this occasion, people have the opportunity to look back at Jodie’s career. With 80 roles (nearly 50 movies and more than 30 television series) spanning all stages of life, it shows a diverse acting ability.

At the age of 13 – 14, little girl Jodie had a series of impressive leading roles in movies that people still watch decades later. The image of Jodie is full of transformations from a gorgeous child singer in the classic children’s gangster comedy Bugsy Malone, to a simple, calm girl in the psychological thriller film The little girl who lives down the lane to the tomboyish student who swaps bodies with her mother in the classic teen fantasy comedy Freaky Friday, later remade by Hollywood with Lindsay Lohan.

From an innocent and indifferent teenage prostitute in the masterpiece Taxi Driver (1976) to a waitress who was the victim of a gang rape in The Accused (1988).

From the intelligent and brave FBI trainee in the masterpiece The Silence of the Lambs (1991) to the charming and sensitive wife in the romantic drama Sommersby (1993).

From the beautiful, mischievous cowboy in the action comedy set in the western Maverick (1994) to the wild girl far from civilized life in the movie Nell (1994).

From the smart, passionate scientist in the science fiction film Contact (1997) to the intellectual, gentle English teacher in the biographical, drama, romantic film Anna and the King (1999).

In the 2000s, Jodie changed direction with a series of crime and thriller works and her role as a strong, thorny woman was somewhat monochrome, but her acting was still impressive: From a courageous mother who single-handedly fought against the floods. thief in Panic Room (2002) to a courageous mother determined to save her child’s life in FlightPlan (2005) to a lonely radio host determined to avenge her murdered fiance in The Brave one (2007)…

Through middle age and old age, Jodie continued to have memorable films such as Inside man (2006), Carnage (2011) and the female writer in this film brought her her 7th Golden Globe nomination. .

In 2021, Jodie participated in the film The Mauritanian (2021) – an excellent film based on the best-selling memoir Guantanamo Prison Diary by Mohamedou Ould Slahi. The male lead’s role as a compassionate female lawyer fighting for freedom brought Jodie her 8th Golden Globe nomination.

She also participated in the new biographical film Nyad released on Netflix in November this year. Jodie, who plays Nyad’s female coach, gives a sincere performance and promises to reap much success this season, now that she has been nominated for two Chicago Film Critics Association awards. and the Las Vegas Film Critics Association.

To date, Jodie has an admirable collection of awards including 2 Oscars, 3 Golden Globes, 3 Bafta awards… In particular, she has twice been awarded Lifetime Achievement awards in two top awards. Leading the world is the Golden Globe Award in 2013 and at the Cannes Film Festival in 2021 – a rare thing even for outstanding actors.

Not only that, Jodie Foster is also the director. In Hollywood, female stars are as numerous as autumn leaves, but female directors are as rare as morning stars. Female celebrities who are directors are even more rare, and Jodie Foster left a quite positive mark in this role.

Jodie made short films in 1978 when she was just 16 years old and made her TV debut 10 years later, at the age of 26.

The television episodes that she directed are highly rated (IMDB score from 7.0 to 8.0.) Movies that Jodie made: Little man Tate (1991), Home for the holidays (1995), The beaver (2011) and Money monster (2016).

Jodie is also a producer and performed songs in the film. It can be said without exaggeration that Jodie Foster has an admirable position not only as a star, but much more.

An extraordinary life

People still remember that more than 40 years ago, the whole United States was stirred by the failed assassination of President Ronald Reagan and Jodie Foster was the person under the most pressure when John Hinckley – the culprit – admitted he acted to cause trouble. Her attention was due to her obsession with the movie Taxi Driver, which she played, in which the taxi driver Travis Bickle (played by Robert De Niro) attempted to assassinate the presidential candidate.

The event was loud around the world. The press swarmed around the Yale University campus. Political factions also take advantage to complicate the situation. Later, it became the inspiration for many songs, films and novels, and there was even a band named “Jodie Foster’s Army” originating from this event.

A dramatic event like that would make many stars use it as a way to expand their names, but Jodie walked through it with a brave attitude. She refused almost all press and television interviews that mentioned this story and only mentioned it exactly three times: A press conference a few days after the attack, an article titled “Why me ?” in Esquire magazine, which she wrote in 1982, and in a television interview in 1999.

She said in an interview with Charlie Rose on 60 Minutes 2 in 1999: “I don’t want to talk about it too much. I never want to be an actress remembered for that event, because it has nothing to do with me” although, as shared in the article “Why me?”, the event at that time put a lot of pressure and hurt on the 18-year-old girl.

In the years 1990 – 2000, Jodie Foster received special attention from the press because she was a top superstar. However, unlike many stars who are covered by their personal lives or beauty, Jodie is extremely secretive and protects her personal life completely, so the press rarely exploits anything. That makes many people not even realize that she is a top star.

At that time, with her somewhat special private life (as the mother of two fatherless children), Jodie made many people curious, but no one knew anything more than a few paparazzi photos of her going out with her family. Two children in a park in New York.

At that time, some newspapers raised rumors that Jodie was gay when her incompetent brother revealed this. However, Jodie calmly walked past these rumors and protected her privacy.

In 2013, when receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Golden Globe Awards, Jodie had a famous coming out in a touching acceptance speech. Many Hollywood stars and a large audience have expressed their admiration and sympathy for her.

When collaborating with Jodie in the 1997 film Contact, director Robert Zemekis (author of Forest Gump) commented: “Jodie Foster is both beautiful and stylish, and strong without losing her femininity.” That is probably also the feeling of many people about the brightest female movie star of the generation born in the 60s of the last century.