Has Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson Officially Split?

Following Darius Jackson’s public critique of Keke Palmer’s outfit choice at Usher’s concert in July, the couple – who share a five-month-old son named Leodis – have officially ended their relationship.

Apologies to this man.

Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson – who share a five-month-old son named Leodis Andrellton Jackson – have reportedly broken up after nearly two years of dating, according to various reports.

The actress and fitness instructor from “The Hustlers,” who has a brother, Insecure star Sarunas Jackson, began dating in 2021 and made their Instagram debut as a couple in August of that year.

Could never expect the summer of 2021 to be like this, but here we are,” he wrote in a now-deleted post on People. “I’m happy we were able to help each other through the toughest times and show each other what we’re bringing to the table.

The couple’s breakup comes over a month after Darius caused controversy by publicly criticizing the outfit his then-girlfriend wore to Usher’s concert in early July. Responding to a video from the show featuring actress Nope, shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, he commented, “That outfit tho.. you a mom.

Darius later asserted his stance at the time, writing in a now-deleted post on July 5, “We live in a generation where a family man doesn’t want their significant other and mother of their child showing skin off to please others and he lets it be known how much of a dog he is.

He added, “This is my family and representation. I have standards and morals that I believe in. I’m comfortable.

While Keke did not directly respond to the online drama, she started selling “I’M A MOTHA” merchandise shortly after. Additionally, she teamed up with Usher after starring in his music video for “Boyfriend.”

In fact, taking center stage in the video released on August 16, the 29-year-old seems to take a jab at Darius in a phone call towards the end, saying, “Damn, I missed the show! S–t, I’m tired. Either way, I’m a mom.

Indeed, in her role as a mom, the Emmy-winning star had some sage advice for new mothers post-her online show.

Same to you, new moms,” she told The Cut in July. “Right? Girl, if there’s anybody on this planet that loves you, it’s definitely your baby. Be happy, because ain’t no love like that. Somebody loves you like that, damn, who cares?

As she noted, after welcoming her first child earlier this year, she “became so much stronger.

She explained, “I’ve been juiced up crazy. Finesse your finesse. Honestly, I think before having a child, I was pretty timid. In a way you’d expect considering the kind of work I do as a public figure.

E! News has reached out to representatives for both Keke and Darius, but has not yet received a comment.

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