Han So Hee expressed excitement and concern about collaborating with Jungkook on the solo MV “Seven.”

Recently, a fan shared a story of meeting South Korean actress Han So Hee in Paris, France.

The female fan stated, “I had a 5-minute conversation with my idol Han So Hee in Paris. She is very lovely. She said she is excited but also worried about the release of the MV with Jungkook next week.

I told her that So Hee is my favorite actress and that I am also an Army (BTS fan). I assured her not to worry. Army is very happy and excited about the project and the collaboration between the two. Army loves So Hee and will protect her.”

Earlier, the Korean media reported that Han So Hee is the female lead in Jungkook’s solo MV “Seven,” which is set to be released on July 14.

Both of them returned to Korea on June 22 after completing the filming in Los Angeles, USA. Jungkook and Han So Hee staff also shared several photos at similar locations.

Although BTS’s management company and Han So Hee’s management company have not confirmed the news, through the fan’s sharing, it can be confirmed that the beauty from “My Name” is indeed the female lead in Jungkook’s MV.

Jungkook’s official solo debut is one of the most anticipated events for Kpop fans in July.

On July 6, Jungkook released a series of teaser photos for the MV “Seven.” The idol garnered attention with a captivating look, showcasing his attractive and fit physique. On the morning of July 8, Jungkook dropped a behind-the-scenes video of the photoshoot for the MV.

However, the absence of Han So Hee in any teaser materials has made fans even more curious about her performance when the MV is released.

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