Entire Population of Yellowknife City (Canada) Evacuated Due to Wildfire

In anticipation of the wildfire potentially reaching the city by the weekend, the entire population of Yellowknife City (nearly 20,000 people) has been ordered to evacuate by noon on August 18th, either by car or plane.

The city authorities of Yellowknife, the capital of the Northwest Territories in Canada, have urged residents to immediately evacuate the city to ensure safety, as the possibility of the wildfire spreading to the city over the weekend is a real threat.

Speaking at a press conference on the evening of August 16th, Shane Thompson, an official responsible for environmental matters in the Northwest Territories, stated, “The wildfire situation has turned for the worse, with the fire erupting to the west of Yellowknife posing a significant threat to the city.”

The entire population of Yellowknife City (nearly 20,000 people) has been ordered to evacuate by noon on August 18th, using either cars or airplanes. They can move via the southbound highway or on commercial and military flights that have been arranged by the authorities.

The Yellowknife City authorities declared a state of emergency earlier this week as wildfires erupted around the city and quickly spread to the vast northern territories of Canada.

The state of emergency was declared as the city authorities identified the need for additional powers to immediately execute actions such as using vehicles or assets to respond to emergencies, evacuating the entire or parts of the community, and allowing qualified individuals to provide services or support in emergency response activities.

According to reports from authorities, there are currently more than 230 wildfires in this region. Many towns and indigenous communities have evacuated as a precaution. Firefighting efforts are being urgently conducted, but at many locations, firefighting personnel have had to temporarily withdraw due to strong winds fueling the “enemy fire.”

Meanwhile, in the province of British Columbia, about 150 people are trapped at Cathedral Lakes lodge while awaiting evacuation, as their only escape route has been surrounded by flames.

Along with enduring a prolonged 19-day record heatwave in the Western region, Canada is also experiencing its worst wildfire season in history, with over 1,000 wildfires raging, including more than 350 wildfires in British Columbia.

Wildfires have swept through nearly all 13 provinces and territories of Canada this year, forcing residents to evacuate, disrupting energy production, and requiring federal and international firefighting forces to exert maximum efforts.

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