Death Toll in Hawaii Wildfire Rises to 110

Hawaii Governor announced that the death toll from the Maui Island wildfire has risen to 110, while the cause of the fire remains undetermined.

At least 110 people have lost their lives in the fire,” Governor of Hawaii, Josh Green, stated in a press conference on the evening of August 16th. Hawaiian officials and the families of victims have also begun releasing the identities of those who perished in the wildfire disaster.

On the same day, U.S. President Joe Biden announced that he and First Lady Jill Biden will visit Maui Island early next week to meet with disaster response personnel, survivors, and local officials. “I remain committed to providing everything that the people of Hawaii need to recover from this disaster,” he said.

The exact cause of the fire remains unknown, but Hawaiian Electric, the state’s electric utility company, has faced criticism for not shutting off power when there were warnings of high winds, and for maintaining power even as dozens of utility poles began to fall.

Whisker Labs, a company that collects and analyzes power grid data on Maui Island, reported detecting a series of significant anomalies in the power grid just hours before the flames erupted on the morning of August 8th. “One of those anomalies could have led to sparks and fire,” said CEO Bob Marshall.

Three separate wildfires ignited and swept through the famous tourist town of Lahaina and other areas on Maui Island on August 8th, leveling the town and incinerating nearly everything in their path. The combination of dry vegetation and strong winds caused the fires to spread rapidly, catching many in the town off-guard and unable to evacuate in time.

The intensity of the fires and the scale of destruction have made identifying the victims incredibly challenging. Many bodies have begun to decompose as search teams have discovered them. Police are encouraging those with missing relatives to provide DNA samples to expedite the identification process.

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