BTS’s Jungkook has received praise from ARMY for creating a unique heart as he headed to the United States.

On July 12th, BTS’s Jungkook was spotted at Incheon Airport in Seoul as he departed for the U.S. to appear in Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series. This will mark his first solo appearance on Good Morning America, having previously appeared with his BTS group in 2019 and 2021.

The singer of “Euphoria” warmly welcomed fans and the media at Incheon Airport, Seoul, and despite wearing a face mask, his smile couldn’t be overlooked.

Jungkook of BTS captivated ARMY and photographers with some quick fan service by creating different heart shapes as they cheered for him. Fans were impressed to see his efforts in providing fan service for ARMY, despite a long flight ahead.

“Putting in the effort to create this shape,” wrote @fonzydgreat_ in a simple sentence, praising the singer of “Euphoria” for his amazing efforts.

BTS fans showered Jungkook with praise for his amazing fan service at Incheon Airport in Seoul.

As Jungkook left the U.S., hashtags like “Safe flight, Jungkook,” “Jungkookie,” “Jungkook is coming,” and “Jungkook on GMA” trended on Twitter. He flew to the U.S. to promote his debut solo single, “SEVEN.

He is set to become the first solo K-pop artist to perform at the Good Morning America Summer Concert Series. He is the third artist overall, following his own group and aespa, to take part in the Good Morning America summer concert series. The youngest member of BTS will perform his debut single “SEVEN” at this year’s first concert of the series on July 14th at Central Park in New York.

Wearing a gray hoodie and matching sweatpants with a black face mask, SEVEN caught the attention of ARMY and the media by showcasing his heart by twisting his wrist into various shapes. Fans couldn’t help but marvel at how, despite a tiring flight ahead, the singer of “Dreamers” still managed to show his appreciation for fans through exceptional fan service.

ARMY also praised his creativity in creating different heart shapes, proving why he is called the “Golden Maknae” or Golden Younger of BTS.

It is known that the BTS maknae will participate in various promotional activities for “SEVEN.” In a recent Weverse live, he also teased about performing “SEVEN” on stage without offering any further explanation.

While other activities have yet to be revealed, ARMY is hoping that after the song’s release, the singer of “Euphoria” will make more appearances on talk shows, attend public events, and conduct interviews to promote his solo single, “SEVEN.”

BTS fan Jungkook expressed concern when a Japanese fan tried to approach the star at Incheon Airport.

BTS’s Jungkook nearly encountered an unruly fan at the airport today. The singer of “Euphoria” greeted the media and fans warmly despite a busy travel schedule. While most ARMY members maintained a respectful distance and stayed away from the Dreamers singer, one fan became aggressive and tried to bypass security to get closer to BTS’s maknae.

The young fan wearing a purple shirt quickly ran towards the singer of “SEVEN,” but security immediately surrounded the male singer to prevent an unpleasant confrontation. While most fans were angered and upset by the news, they were pleased that My You didn’t notice the chaos and simply walked away without turning back.

ARMY has warned their fellow fans to behave properly in public places and not to intrude on BTS members. SEVEN’s hard work. Han So-hee will be released on July 14th at 1 PM KST.

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