BTS Publishes Book “BEYOND THE STORY” to Celebrate 10 Years of Youth

A book has been published to illuminate the 10-year journey of BTS – the “21st-century pop icons.” On the 9th, Big Hit Music released the official book, ‘BEYOND THE STORY: 10-YEAR RECORD OF BTS,‘ to commemorate BTS’s 10th debut anniversary. Produced after years of planning and preparation, ‘BEYOND THE STORY‘ narrates the vivid and authentic story that BTS has walked from their pre-debut days until the present.

More than 3 years of reporting, 2 years of interviews… ‘BEYOND THE STORY’, a record of youth directly spoken by BTS.

Completed based on over 3 years of interviews and more than 2 years of research. It consists of a total of 7 chapters, including ‘Seoul,’ ‘The Reason for Existence,’ ‘Love, Hate, Army,’ ‘Inside Out,’ ‘Flight Without Landing,’ ‘The World of BTS,’ and ‘Us,’ tracing the passage of time.

Kang Myeong-seok, the author and chief editor of Weverse Magazine, drew on his understanding of both domestic and international music industry as well as popular music to create the book. It begins on December 24, 2010, when Jung Ho-seok (J-Hope) arrived in Seoul from Gwangju and encountered the splendid scenery of Gangnam that threatened him, meeting Min Yoon-gi (Suga) at the dormitory. It then covers the successive participation of the seven members, starting with their debut album ‘2 COOL 4 SKOOL,’ ‘When My Love Blooms,’ the ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ series, ‘MAP OF THE SOUL,’ ‘Dynamite,’ ‘BE,’ ‘Butter,’ ‘Proof,’ and even the moment of the first solo stage by a Korean artist at the 2022 Grammy Awards, all meticulously recorded based on the members’ honest and specific observations.

As RM has said, this book vividly conveys the journey of those who have “changed a little” from being outsiders before. It encapsulates the fears, excitement, and behind-the-scenes stories that the members experienced during major performances at home and abroad, award ceremonies, world tours, the pandemic, and speeches at the United Nations. The book, titled ‘BEYOND THE STORY,‘ contains the most intriguing stories never heard before.

BEYOND THE STORY‘ is published in a total of 23 languages, including the original Korean version. Around 10 language editions will be translated and published on July 9, known as ‘ARMY Day,’ the day that marks the birth of BTS’s fandom, ARMY. The simultaneous publication of a book written in Korean and translated into over 10 languages on its release date is unprecedented, and publishing on a Sunday is also unusual. For the foreign language editions, several renowned translators from the domestic and international literary community have participated, including Anton Hur, a British-Korean translator who reached the final round in the International category of the Booker Prize, one of the three major literary awards in the world.

New horizon for paper books… Everything about BTS at a glance

BEYOND THE STORY‘ is designed for you to look back on BTS’s music activities in the past, while understanding their significance today and the ever-changing music industry landscape. In addition to a clear timeline summarizing BTS’s major milestones such as album releases, concerts, awards, and external activities, it includes over 330 QR codes that allow readers to instantly access the referenced videos and audio sources, enhancing convenience.

These elements strongly suggest that they are BTS, individuals who have communicated with the world through the internet and social media platforms, and this is why this book holds special value as an archive about BTS.

The second chapter of BTS will be rewritten… the beginning of a new journey

As ‘BEYOND THE STORY‘ is published in celebration of BTS’s 10-year debut anniversary, it reflects upon their footsteps and promises the future they will continue to write. Big Hit Music, their management company, also stated, “We hope that this official book will be a record of ‘sincerely shared’ moments between BTS and ARMY.”

The book concludes with the members looking towards the future after 10 years of journeying together. In the final chapter titled ‘We,’ J-Hope expresses, “Meeting these people has been a great stroke of luck. I always want to express my gratitude to the members, and we say, ‘If ARMY can smile and be happy, that is our happiness.’ I think about that as I run.”

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