Americans are willing to spend hundreds of millions of dong on veterinary medicine every year

According to a survey by MetLife, the average US household spent about 4,000 – 4,800 USD on their pets in 2023…

America is one of the countries with the highest rate of pet ownership in the world. And to keep their pets healthy and happy, Americans are willing to spend heavily on expensive pet care products and services.

According to a MetLife survey, the average household spent about $4,800 on pets in 2023. This includes an average of $1,278 on food and treats, and $176 on toys. and hundreds of dollars for recreational activities, such as swimming, “kindergarten” classes and in some cases “luxurious” birthday parties.

However, note that these figures only represent dog and cat owners. Small mammals, reptiles, fish and other exotic pets are usually not as expensive as dogs or cats, but their owners will also have many expenses of their own.

“Usually cages and enclosures are the most expensive products I buy for my pets. I initially bought a snake thinking it was a male; but it turned out to be a female so I was forced to buy a separate, much larger cage. And of course I will have to spend at least another 600 USD to order a high-quality PVC shield when it grows up,” Liza Carrasquillo, a reporter living in the US, explained.

It’s difficult to estimate the exact amount of money you’ll need to spend to raise a pet in the US. According to MetLife, about two-fifths (41%) of pet owners spent more money on pets in 2023 than they initially predicted. If the pet needs a special diet or medication, or if the owner needs to adjust their insurance policy specifically for pet ownership, they may have to pay much more than estimated.

And for animal owners, no bill tends to be higher than the cost of a trip to the vet.

Compared to before the Covid-19 pandemic, pet owners in the US now have to spend more money to keep their furry friends healthy. According to a study of dog and cat owners by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), the average spend on visits to the veterinarian, including external examinations, spas and treatments, surgery, emergency care, internal medicine, and Housing and related costs have increased from $1,788 in 2018 to $2,117 in 2022.

“We had to take our little boy, Alfie, to the veterinary emergency room last January and had to stay overnight due to liver toxicity. My husband and I paid about $7,000 for that one. A few months later, we had to take Alfie back to the hospital because of a stomach bug and pay another $4,000. Alfie is also very susceptible to allergies, so he often has to eat and take medicine according to the doctor’s orders,” Hanneh Bareham – a writer living in New York (USA), recounted.

Owning a pet can also lead to other indirect costs. Pet insurance analyst Shannon Martin reminds owners that dogs will always be monitored and evaluated more closely than many other pets such as cats, guinea pigs or birds. Many insurance companies even exclude certain dog breeds or require pets to complete a certified training program to be covered.

“Bringing a dog into your family is a huge responsibility. With the average dog bite claim costing more than $64,000, owners will want to minimize risks by training their dogs and being aware of the risks of exposing them to others,” she said. Martin noted.

But no matter how expensive the bill is, the owners still don’t hesitate. According to MetLife, the vast majority (83%) of pet owners say there is, in fact, no limit to how much they are willing to spend to keep their pets happy and healthy.

Economics reporter Sarah Foster knows that feeling well. She fell in love with her dog Toby when she first saw him at a rescue shelter in New York City in 2019. She knew her time with Toby would be short-lived because the dog was 12 years old and had been diagnosed with diabetes. diagnosed with stage four heart disease.

Over the next four years, Sarah is estimated to have paid $15,000 for treatment, medical care and emergency vet visits. Toby passed away in 2023, but like many other pet parents, Sarah felt that the time Toby spent with her was definitely worth the cost.

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