6.5 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Near San Miguel, Departamento de San Miguel, El Salvador

A strong 6.5 magnitude earthquake near San Miguel, Departamento de San Miguel, El Salvador, was reported just 23 minutes ago by the United States Geological Survey, considered one of the important international agencies monitoring seismic activity worldwide.

Strong magnitude 6.5 earthquake at 70 km depth

The earthquake occurred at a moderate depth of 69.7 km below the epicenter early Tuesday evening, July 18, 2023, at 6:22 PM local time. The exact magnitude, epicenter, and depth of the earthquake may be revised within the next few hours or minutes as seismologists review data and refine their calculations or when other agencies issue their reports.

A subsequent report by the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS) also listed it as a 6.5 magnitude earthquake. Other agencies reporting a similar earthquake include the German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ) at a magnitude of 6.5, the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Italy (INGV) at a magnitude of 6.4, the Australian Geological Survey (GeoAu) at a magnitude of 6.5, and the citizen seismograph network RaspberryShake at a magnitude of 6.5.

Based on preliminary seismic data, the earthquake should have been widely felt by almost everyone in the area of the epicenter. It might have caused light to moderate damage.
Moderate shaking could have been experienced in Intipuca (population 3,500) located 43 km from the epicenter.
In San Rafael Oriente (population 19,100) at a distance of 68 km from the epicenter, Puerto El Triunfo (population 19,100) at 70 km, San Miguel (population 161,900) at 75 km, Santiago de Maria (population 15,000) at 83 km, San Francisco (population 16,200) at 99 km, Sensuntepeque (population 20,400) at 129 km, Soyapango (population 329,700) at 148 km, and San Salvador (population 526,000) at 151 km, the earthquake should have been felt as a weak shaking.

VolcanoDiscovery will automatically update the magnitude and depth if these change and follow up if there is any significant news about the quake. If you felt it, report your experience through our reporting mechanism, either online or via our mobile app. This will help us provide more direct and up-to-date information to anyone around the globe who wants to know more about this earthquake.

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